AI Studio Overview

AI Studio is a serverless, code-optional framework for unleashing the power of AI in CX. LLMs like GPT-35-Turbo (colloquially referred to as ChatGPT) have commoditized intelligence in unprecedented ways, but they must be orchestrated within a broader application environment. AI Studio empowers you to orchestrate AI within your contact center, and combines the raw power of LLMs with Quiq's industry-leading digital CX ecosystem.

AI Studio empowers you to tackle all of the tasks necessary to build an industrial-strength AI Assistant:

  • Upload, transform, index, and search reference datasets (like knowledge bases and product catalogs)
  • Visually orchestrate prompt chains, searches, API calls, and actions like sending messages or setting fields
  • Rapidly engineer prompts with or without code across a variety of supported LLMs and establish regression tests
  • Deploy assistants across multiple channels and monitor behavior and efficacy

Assistants built in AI studio are 100% managed services with no infrastructure requirements or scheduled downtime (including vector search).

Whats Next