AI Studio Academy


Below you'll find playbooks that will help you complete the 4 lessons designed to help you get up and running with AI Studio. Each lesson is designed to introduce a core concept or area of AI Studio, and enable you to begin working in AI Studio and unlocking the power of generative AI for your organization.


The majority of the content in these lessons comes from a sample e-commerce bicycle retailer, QuiqSilver Mountain Bikes. In these lessons, you'll see answers generated from the QSM knowledge base.

Using the Templates

In order to get started with AI Studio lessons, you'll need to select the appropriate template. Templates can be created from within the AI Assistant section of AI Studio using either the New Assistant button, or by overwriting an existing assistant using the Create Draft from Template button:

After giving your assistant a name, you'll be able to select from any of the relevant lessons in the Academy section:

From there, you'll be dropped into your template, where you'll find a pre-built assistant with helpful notes scattered throughout that explain key concepts, as well as provide links to their respective guides:

Lesson Guides

Learn the basics of AI Studio's feature set and functionality

Learn the basics of prompts and prompt chaining in AI Studio.

Learn the basics of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Learn how a more fully flushed out Knowledge assistant works.